We Are KeySolvers

KeySolvers is on an exciting mission to be an easy and accessible alternative to listing your home. Our goal is to make selling your home as easy as possible.

Our Mission

Many sellers think the only options for selling their house fast is to list it on the market with an agent, or trying to sell it yourself. Years ago we saw the gap in the market for all of the property owners who don’t want to (or can’t) sell through the traditional route with an agent.

We provide win-win solutions to help homeowners get out of sticky situations… like Foreclosure, owning a burdensome property, probate, inheritance, or anything else. At KeySolvers, we focus on providing you with a solution to your situation so you can continue to do the things you love.

KeySolvers is a real estate solutions company based out of Columbus, OH.  We’re a veteran-owned small business and we focus on helping homeowners like you find solutions for your problem whether you’re tired of being a landlord, going through foreclosure, can’t sell your property, owe more than it’s worth, or just need the cash.

We handle all of the home-selling headaches to get you out of the market and on with living your life as fast as possible.

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” – Phil Jackson

The KeySolvers Team!

Dan Wilson

Founder, Visionary, Owner & CEO

Dan is the founder and visionary of the company. He sets the direction for the company, sparks innovation, and develops strategic relationships. Dan’s primary focus is figuring out how to best serve our customers.

Jon Smith

Integrator, Owner & COO

Jon is in charge of daily operations, managing the team, and maintaining business processes. He is also our creative finance specialist and underwriter, working out innovative ways to make you our highest possible offer and creating a scenario that’s win-win for you and us.

Kortni Cozzens

Transaction Coordinator, Property Manager & Acquisition Manager

Kortni is a jack of all trades! She makes sure every homeowner is taken care of and every transaction runs smoothly. Kortni also manages our rental portfolio including corporate rentals, and she may be the one to make you an offer too!

Rob Torres

Acquisition Manager

Rob is our acquisition manager for Ohio. He is usually one of the first people you’ll talk to. He will ask you some questions about your situation and the house, explain how it all works, and get you a great cash offer of your property.

Why Choose Us?

What you see is what you get with us. We know that we’re not going to be the best fit for every homeowner, but for most we can create a win-win solution that works for you and your unique situation. We’re honest, fair, reliable and hard working people who want to help every homeowner, including you!

Scams & Credibility

Unfortunately the cash home buying industry has an influx of new homebuyers who may not may not have your best interests in mind. The popular saying is often correct, “if it’s too good to be true, it probably is”. We’ve heard too many stories from sellers we’ve worked with about previous homebuyers who kept them waiting for months and never bought their house. It is crucial that any service provider can show beyond a doubt that they are reliable, credible and competent.

Our Promise to You

We are committed to being fair, honest, and respectful in every interaction. We will act with integrity and never take advantage of a difficult situation. We will have a positive attitude and always do whatever it takes to arrive at a win-win for everyone.

We believe a person dealing with a difficult situation needs someone who can help. We promise to be there for you as we do our absolute best to truly be the solution to your real estate troubles.

Our goal is to help every homeowner, including you. You will be treated with respect & integrity the entire way.

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